I’m nearly 18 and still have a body like a kid

Last updated on September 11, 2020


I am 17 years old and my body still looks like a little kid. I have put on some fat that I have never had before. I have very small nipples, and very bad back and chest acne. I have around a 5.5 length in my penis, but my scrotum hangs up and covers about half of the bottom part of my penis. My friends tell me my body looks like a little kid. I can grow little hair on my chin and upper lip, Nothing huge though. I’ve measured my penis a few years ago, and I still don’t see a change. It is very small when soft also. I am a few months away from being 18 and this is crazy. I’m really confused as to why I am not seeing a change.



Some things you mention are characteristics of stage 3 and others of stage 4. What do you get when using the Tanner Stage Calculator? It sounds like you are a late bloomer, but are still growing. The best way to confirm this is by seeing your doctor and asking if your growth plates are still open and if he could do a bone age test.

Not being able to see you, I can’t comment on whether you are accurate in your view of yourself or not. However, in regards to your penis size. The normal range for an adult penis is between 3 and 8 inches when erect. The flaccid size doesn’t count because that constantly changes size depending on your body temperature. The average size is 5.2 inches, so you are a bit smaller than average, but well within the normal range for an adult — and it sounds as if you are not done growing yet [http://www.bjuinternational.com/bjui-blog/normal-review-analyzes-data-flaccid-erect-penis-lengths-men/].