I’m in stage 4 at age 14. Will I grow more?

Last updated on January 22, 2022



I’m currently 14 years old, 168.5 cm tall or 5′ 6 and 56 kg, and according to the calculator, I’m at Tanner stage 4. My dad is 171 cm (5 ‘7.5) and my mom is 167 cm (5 ‘6). I started puberty at 11.5 years old. I know this because when I went to the doctor at 11 years old, my testicles were 2 cm long and by the time I was 12 years old, my testicles grew to about 2.5 cm. I started growing very fine hair around my penis that was barely visible unless I used a flashlight. Since then I have only grown from 160 cm (5 ‘3) to my current height, which is around 3 inches of growth in the past 2 years. I haven’t grown since my birthday which is 3 months ago, now I have a lot of hair on my pubic area that forms an upside-down triangle shape but no hair has grown inside of my thighs. I have noticeable hair on my upper lip but that’s because my family is a hairy one and my dad also started having fine but noticeable hair on his lip when he was 12.

Judging by these facts, can I grow to 173 cm (5′ 8), or at least my dad’s height?

Is it true that your height doesn’t grow in linear but rather in spurts every couple of months?

Here is my height growth since 9 years old:

  1. 147 cm
  2. 153 cm
  3. 157 cm (puberty started)
  4. 160 cm
  5. 165 cm
  6. 168.5 cm (current height. I have not grown in height for 3 months)


You are definitely at the start of stage 4 in development.

From your information, I would estimate that you were in stage 2 from 10-12 years old, stage 3 from 12-14 years old and that you just entered stage 4 in the last few months.

You did not have a classic growth spurt while you were in stage 3. Was your diet good (a wide variety of vegetables and meat)? Are you taking any medication (some are known to slow down development)? Did you have a major illness?

Typically boys in stage 4 will grow 2 to 8 cm during the two years they are in stage 4. I would say that the odds of reaching your dad’s height of 171 cm is quite high and getting 173 cm or a bit higher is a strong possibility. The KGH method of height prediction gives an estimated final height of 174 to 176 cm.

Yes, growth comes in spurts. Your body does not have enough energy to fuel the growth of everything at once. Thus, different parts grow for a while and then pause while other parts grow. You see height growth as your bones grow, but when your organs are growing, you won’t see as much growth in height.


Thank you so much for the info!

I do eat a lot of veggies and red meat and, of course, some white rice because I’m Asian😂. I never had any major illness. I jog every day and do upper body exercises, but I don’t lift weights. I know these don’t make me grow taller than what I’m projected to be but they’re supposed to help me reach my potential.

Again thank you for the info.