I’m really skinny and don’t seem to be growing fast

Last updated on September 26, 2020



I have a huge problem. I’m 17 years of age and is really skinny, short, 5’5, and only 135 pounds. I have been skinny since 14. I have no broad shoulders or can’t get muscle mass. I still have a kid’s body. My voice still cracks sometimes, and I can still scream high pitch like a girl at times.

Boys my age are bigger and taller then me. People who are between 14 and my age are growing more then me.

I have had one growth spurt in the 8th grade from 4’10 something to 5’1. I only grew an inch every year! Freshmen year I was 5’2, the sophomore year 5’3, then this year 5’4. Lately, I been hungrier than normal, but still no growth spurt. I just recently grew taller by an inch and I am now 5’5.

My mom is 5’4 and dad is 5’10. My older brother is 6’1 and my younger brother is 5’8. All my uncles on my dad’s side are 6’0 and 6’1. They got their adult size between 14-16. So genetically I’m supposed to be 6″0 and have my adult body by 17. At 17 normal kids finish. I seem not to have started.

Next, my penis size is only 6.2 inches, small, and I don’t know how thick. I am hoping to get it to 7 inches. Will it grow or get thicker? 

My pubic hair is not really a lot. I trimmed it once and it didn’t really grow back long. My facial hair is like that too. I can’t grow a full bread.

Also my sac is small as well. One hangs lower then the other.

Most girls my age are bigger and taller than me too — not so much bigger, mostly taller.

I think I may have a serious growth problem. I get 8-10 hours of sleep, drink water, don’t put on muscle mass because it stunts growth, and still no sign of my growing. I did the Tanner puberty scanner 3 times and it said I was at a 3.2. Is this normal?

Sorry for the long message, but I have been depressed about my issue since 14.


You’ve given me a mixed set of information, so it would be hard for me to determine exactly what is going on. Genetically I would expect you to be between 5’7 and 6’3, though you are still growing. You grew 2 inches in the eighth grade and two inches this year. Are you taking any medication or using any drugs or alcohol? Have you had any significant diseases?

While you think of your penis as small, it is actually longer than the adult average of 5.25 inches in length when erect. So here I would believe that you are close to full grown.

That you can’t grow a full beard is not unusual. Most boys can’t grow a full beard until they are in their twenties.

In regards to pubic hair and the size of your testicles, I can’t comment because you only gave opinions on relative size. It doesn’t give me precise information. You also didn’t mention how far your pubic hair has spread.

In regards to the Tanner Stage Calculator, I can’t comment because I can’t see you in order to verify your observations. A value of 3.2 sounds low for what you have told me. Have you discussed this matter with your doctor? He is able to see you and also is able to do tests regarding what is going on with your body.