What can be done about kyphosis (hunchback)?

Last updated on September 26, 2020



I’m an 18 years old white male. I have been suffering from hunchback (round back – thoracic) kyphosis (and a mild case of lordosis when I straighten my back) since I was 15 yrs old. I always try to straighten up my back but it seems to return to its position when I’m not aware of it. Now I have some of my vertebrae protruding from my back. They look thick and very visible. When I try to straighten up my back, it doesn’t get fully straight; it still seems to be a hunchback, and the vertebrae are still visible. What should I do?

Please help. Thanks in advance.


The type of kyphosis you have is most likely what is called Scheuermann’s disease. “This disease typically begins during the growth spurt that occurs before puberty. Boys are affected more often than are girls. The rounding of the back may worsen as the child finishes growing” [Mayo Clinic]. However, there are other causes and a doctor needs to examine you to decide what is the underlying cause of your problem.

What you need to do is see a doctor who specializes in spine disorders. If you are still growing, the doctor may try to use a back brace to hold you straight until your growth is done. See Kyphosis (Physical and technical rehabilitation of patients with Scheuermann’s disease and kyphosis) for a discussion of how this is done. There is a possibility that surgery might be needed to correct the problem if it is severe. See Scheuermann’s Kyphosis/Disease.