I’m worried that I’m going to stop growing soon



I am 14 and a half years old. My father is 184 cm (6’0″), my mother is 157 cm (5’2″), and I am currently 172.5 cm (5’8″) and 55 kg (121 lbs). The calculator says I’m at stage 4.4.

I am worried about my height, especially since I might stop growing very soon. I have lots of body hair and my shoe size has stopped growing. My old clothes aren’t too tight. My rapid growth spurt was also relatively short, only 6 months where I grew considerably from age 13 to 13 and a half.

I started puberty around age 12 and a half when my voice first started to crack, I was around 157 cm (5’2″) at that point. My height started to pick up the pace, and by my 13th birthday, I was around 160 cm (5’3″), my shoe size was 37, and my weight was 46 kg (101 lbs). I continued to grow in height, my shoe size increased further and my body hair grew. By 13 and a half, I was about 166 cm (6’5″). I started growing fine hair under my armpit and also started developing a faint line of abdominal hair. This continued until I noticed a slight slow-down in my height as I approached my 14th birthday. At age 14, I was 169 cm (6’6″), my shoe size was 42, and my weight was 53 kg (117 lbs). From 14 to my current age of 14 and a half, my growth was considerably slower, I am 172.5 cm (5’8″). However, my body hair grew further, and my abdominal hair thickened considerably. I have not developed chest hair yet, or hair on my inner thigh. Hair increased on my legs. I have some hair on my cheeks and a peachfuzz mustache. Now, I believe my Tanner stage 3 ended rather quickly. And I have body hair quite early. I am from a hairy lineage, however. I am not too sure about anything.

I sleep okay, maybe 6-7 hours on average. I eat alright. I don’t do any sports but have an average level of activity.

My concern is that all the other factors of my puberty are nearing the end, which would also cause a stoppage in height. Is this true that my height will stall soon? How tall do you think I can grow?

My father was a late bloomer from what I have heard.

Here is some information to help you:


  • 12Y 9 months – 158cm (45kg)
  • 13Y 0 months – 160cm (46kg)
  • 13Y 3 months – 163cm (48kg)
  • 13Y 6 months -166cm (50kg)
  • 13Y 9 months – 167cm (52kg)
  • 14Y 0 months – 169cm (53kg)
  • 14Y 3 months – 171cm (54kg)
  • 14Y 5 months – 172.5cm (55kg)

Acne peak – Acne peaked around age 13 and 6 months to age 14. It has since reduced.
Underarm hair – I saw fine hair at around age 13 and 3 months. It has thickened and I have much more now.
Naval hair – A faint line appeared at age 13 and 6 months. It has thickened now.
Facial hair – It started at age 13 and 3 months. I have peachfuzz now.
Height spurt – Height was rapid from age 13 to 13 and 9 months (7 cm growth)
Penis – 5 inches in length. It has grown in width
Shoe size – Grew a lot from age 12-14. I am stuck at EU42 right now.
My voice was squeaky at 12.5 and slowly got deeper. I’m at a moderately deep voice at age 14.
First Ejaculation as at age 12 and a half.

Can you please advise what you think my future height will be?


Like most boys, you didn’t notice when you began to mature until it reached a point that you couldn’t help noticing. I would guess that you were in the latter part of stage 2 at age 12 and a half, which would mean that you started puberty around the age of 11. From age 13 to the present you should be in stage 3, though it does sound like your secondary characteristics, such as body hair and voice are advanced for the stage you are in.

If I assume that stage 4.4 is accurate, you’ll reach 177 cm before your growth ends. But if I assume you are at stage 3.9, then you’ll reach 181 cm.