My growth spurt has been going on for 9 months without slowing down. Is that normal?


I’m confused about my stage because I always get 3.8 but my major growth spurt started around 8 or 9 months ago and my growth isn’t slowing down at all does 3.8 sound right? Also, my other question is if it’s abnormal for my penis to be 6 inches during stage 3?


When your growth spurt slows down to childhood rates of growth (2 inches per year or less), then you will have left stage 3. Since you have been growing fast, that puts you in stage 3. Since you have been growing fast for a while, that puts you near the end of stage 3.

Since the penis grows in length during your growth spurt, it is typical for your penis to reach an adult length even though you are still a ways from being an adult.