Is a penis 5.9 inches long while erect large?

Last updated on August 4, 2020


When I’m in a changing room with my friends, they often comment that my penis is very large. I am 5.9 inches erect. Is it large? Will it grow any more? Is there something wrong with my penis?


Most people make judgments by comparison. I could hold up a piece of paper and ask you, “Is it white?” You might decide that it is. But if I then held it up against something that was very brightly white, you might change your mind and decide that it is actually slightly yellow.

Your penis could be big in comparison to your friends, but that is because all of you are still growing and everyone grows at different times. That is why Doctor Tanner came up with his stages of development. You can’t compare two boys by their ages. One fourteen-year-old boy can be near completion of having an adult male body and another fourteen-year-old boy would not even have started changing. To estimate what stage of development you are in, see the Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys.

Since I’ve never met you, I can only guess what stage of development you are in. During stage three is when your rapid growth and it is also the time that your penis gets longer. In stage four, you slow down in growth and your penis get wider in circumference. The average adult male has a penis that is 5.2 inches long when erect. Typical is considered anything between three and eight inches. Therefore, compared to an adult male, you are very typical but compared to the average fourteen-year-old (who would be just beginning his growth spurt) you are bigger. However, that is most likely because you are further into your development than your friends.

So relax; you’re perfectly normal. In answer to “Will my penis grow any more?” that all depends on what stage in development you have reached. If you are still in stage three, then your penis probably will get a bit longer. If you are in stage four, then it mostly will get wider.