Is it alright to sleep naked to prevent jock itch?

Last updated on September 13, 2020


Is sleeping totally naked a sin according to the Bible? If not, what is the benefit of it? I am sleeping naked to keep my private place cool because I have an itching problem in my private area.

There is no bad intention behind it, but sometimes bad thoughts are coming into my mind and it breaks me. And sometimes I have lots of erections.

I could use some helpful advice.


See: Is it a sin to sleep naked?

Sleeping naked does reduce moisture, but if you have an ongoing itching problem, then you already have a fungus infection in your skin. Keeping the area dry by sleeping in the nude will not cure the problem. There are lots of anti-fungal medications available (usually saying the cure “jock itch”). Use it following the directions completely. Sleeping in the nude will reduce the chance of it coming back but will not prevent it.

Having lots of erections is normal for young men. It is just a part of being male.

I assume by bad thoughts, you are referring to wet dreams where you have some dream dealing with a sexual situation and you end up ejaculating in your sleep or as you wake up. This is also perfectly normal in young men.  You can’t control your dreams.

But if you mean you are thinking lustful thoughts during the day and masturbating to those thoughts, that is a different problem and one that you need to work on preventing.


No sir, I never masturbate. I know that masturbating is sin, so I will never do it.

Sir, I have one more question. Please help me with it. I don’t know, that’s why I am asking. Is seeing porn videos for information a sin or not?


I find the combination of your statements puzzling. You declare to know that masturbation is a sin but don’t know whether watching pornography is sinful if you do so for informational purposes. What I conclude is that there a problem with knowing what sin is. So let me start with some basics.

Sin is simply breaking one of God’s laws. Or another way to put it is that sin is acting outside the boundaries of the law. “Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness” (I John 3:4). Therefore, something is not right or wrong because you feel that it is that way. What someone tells you doesn’t make something right or wrong. The determining factor is what God says about a matter.

In regards to masturbation, the question must be whether God says it is right or wrong. See: Is masturbation sinful or not? If a guy chooses not to masturbate, that is perfectly fine. The body will get rid of excess semen, as it must, in other ways. But at the same time, to call the act of masturbation a sin is wrong unless it can be shown that it breaks some law of God.

But pornography is a different matter because it can be shown to be wrong by God’s teachings. See Why is pornography tempting? and the articles it references for the verses and explanation. But consider what you say when you claim to watch porn for educational purposes. Pornography doesn’t depict reality — the reality isn’t exciting enough. To get men aroused, it aims to shock. Thus, what is depicted is not normal sex but corrupted ideas about sex. It teaches things, such as a guy can just meet a gal and jump into bed with her, enjoy sex, and leave with no consequences. That isn’t how life works. It says sex is done solely for sex’s sake, but where is the relationship? In essence, it glorifies sin. Sin is hard enough to avoid. You don’t need additional education in it.