Is it good to masturbate often?

Last updated on September 1, 2020



First, I want to say thank you because I learned a lot from you! This website has helped me so much in my concerns. Thank you!

I am 15 years old. My height is 1.63 meters (5’4″). My brother is 12 and he is almost the same height as I am. I am worried because he doesn’t masturbate, but I do, and I wonder if the masturbation causes some effect. I don’t want to remain small. 🙁 

My voice is not deep; it is kind of high. I don’t want to be like this anymore. I am 15! My brother has a deeper voice than me. Is it because of masturbation?

I am a Christian, not in a religious way, but I want to serve God with my all, and I want to be loved by God. I wonder if masturbation is a sin. I need a yes or no answer because I heard that it leads to sin, so is it a sin? I don’t watch bad stuff or think in bad ways. Is it still a sin? Women have their periods and men have ejaculations, right?

I want to masturbate every day. I try not to but my hormones are all over me. I try to control myself, but I think it is necessary to do it or I might be tempted to sin. Is it good to masturbate often? I feel that it is very necessary, and it is normal, but after masturbating I always feel guilty. 

I am making this too long, sorry, but I need a specific answer.

Thank you so much. God bless you, and I hope that God gives you the wisdom to answer my question and relieve my worries. Thank you.


I don’t give “yes” or “no” answers because that doesn’t tell you enough. Many situations have other circumstances and you are left wondering, does it remain the same? Even in your questions, you asked when masturbation was sinful or not. In my answers I trying to explain why things are or are not sinful so that when you are faced with variations, you still know the answer.

First, see: I’m still confused about masturbation. Is it right or wrong? What are your thoughts about it? The short summary is that by itself, masturbation is neither right nor wrong. But it can be used sinfully, such as through pornography.

Guys need to ejaculate periodically. How often a guy ejaculates depends on his physical makeup and how often he gets aroused. For young men, the need to ejaculate is more frequent than for older men because they are producing semen at a faster rate. The typical frequency for a young man is about twice a week, the range varies from once a day to once a month. Generally, by the time you get into your twenties, things will slow down a bit. See: I masturbate a lot, meaning once or twice a day. Is that a problem?

Your brother is taller because he inherited genes that make him taller than you. Every child in a family does not grow up to be the same height. Nor does the oldest child always ends up being the tallest. Masturbation is a physical act. Physical acts do not change how your genes operate. Nor does masturbation affect your voice. See: Does masturbating affect the pitch of your voice? How much more you’ll grow will depend on how far you’ve matured.

Often people make invalid cause and effects simply because that is what they’ve noticed. Your brother is younger than you are. He might not be masturbating for the very simple reason that he hasn’t matured enough yet to be able to ejaculate.

The feeling of guilt is due to changes in your hormone levels after ejaculating. See: Why do I feel guilty after ejaculating?

By the way, to claim to be a Christian and not religious at the same time is a contradiction. Christianity is a religion. Followers of Christianity are therefore religious by definition. See Only an Appearance of Religion.