Is it important to masturbate regularly?



I have a question about masturbation. I know you have said several times that it is not a sin as long as you are not lusting, but for some reason, I just cannot bring myself to do it. How important is it to masturbate regularly? Do you have any advice on how to allow myself to do it?


No one has to masturbate. Rather, when a male is mature enough to produce semen, his body needs to ejaculate semen periodically because the glands that produce the semen can only hold a limited amount. If you experience wet dreams, those wet dreams usually handle the removal of excess semen. A few boys produce semen slower than the average and they manage to keep up by a small amount dripping out of their ejaculatory duct to be swept out the next time they pee. A large number of boys are unable to have wet dreams, which is a form of sleepwalking. For them, they experience an increasingly intense desire for sex until either they end up masturbating or they experience spontaneous ejaculations.