Is it normal for semen to vary in color?


I have two questions:

When I ejaculate, my semen varies in color. Sometimes it’s almost clear and other times it’s cloudy but still transparent. Is this normal?

Also as a second question, how much does the penis grow over puberty? I know an adult’s average is roughly 5 – 6 inches long, but I’m wondering how much it grows over just one year.

Anyway, I’d like to say this is a great website you provide, and it is very useful! 


Semen is a mixture of various substances, such as sugars, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins. These produce a cloudy white or slightly off-white liquid that is roughly the consistency of runny jelly. Especially in your adolescent years, the body does not always consistently mix the substances. Thus, you get a slight variation of color.

A clearer color generally indicates fewer sperm in the semen, which is common when you are still developing. If you get red, pink, or brownish color in your semen, that generally means a blood vessel broke. That can be due to a temporary injury, high blood pressure, or a disease.

Just as there isn’t a single shoe size for adults, penis sizes vary greatly between individuals. Normal erect penis lengths range from 3 to 8 inches with the average being 5.25 inches. While your penis grows the most in length during Stage 3 (when you are growing the fastest in height), the amount it grows depends on the genes that you inherit.