Will I still be changing?


Hello  there 

I’m a 16-year-old boy. My height is 181 cm and my weight is 71 kg. According to the Tanner Stage calculator, I’m at Tanner Stage 4.3. My pubic hair hasn’t extended to my inner thighs and there is a faint strip of hair to my navel. My penis is 7 inches long but the girth hasn’t grown yet, It’s approximately 11 cm in circumference. I don’t remember it getting any bigger.

I want to know if I will get taller because my growth has slowed since 9 months ago.

I also want to know if my gynecomastia will go away. 


You are in the first half of stage 4. It is during stage 4 that the penis gets bigger in circumference when you are erect. The average adult male has a circumference of 11.7 cm, so your girth is just a slight bit smaller than average already. You should see some gain in girth in the next year.

Your growth will continue to slow down by the end of stage 4, which typically lasts about 2 years, your growth will completely stop. You can expect to grow another 2 to 5 cm during that time.

It depends on the type of gynecomastia you have. If it is only a swelling of the breasts, that is due to the amount of fat you have stored in your body. If you slim down, your breasts will decrease in size as well. If you are thin and still have bulging nipples, then it would take surgery to change their appearance.