Is it possible to get stuck in a development stage?

Last updated on October 1, 2020


I’m a little confused. Seems like I started stuff like underarm hair really young but I haven’t changed as I should have. Is it possible to get ‘stuck’? I’m an athlete but have to watch everything I eat or I’ll gain weight –fat, not muscle. Waiting to see a specialist now.


I’m curious what the specialist concludes. It is known that extreme athletes, such as those training for the Olympics can experience delayed or retarded development. This seems to be more true of women than men. See: Intensive Training and Sports Specialization in Young Athletes. Studies show no impact on sexual development in males.

Assuming that you are athletic but not aiming for the extreme, if there is a problem, the source is likely someplace else. The various secondary characteristics are semi-independent. It is possible for some characteristics to race ahead of others. But notable differences should be checked out.