Is it true that the more you masturbate the bigger your adam’s apple will be?

Last updated on August 4, 2020


I am 17 years old now. I have a very prominent adam’s apple. I feel that masturbating more will make a person’s adam’s apple come out. Is that right? I can see many people like that (my friends) who masturbate and have large adam’s apples. Is masturbating is connected with adam’s apple?


This is a case of false association. Men have adam’s apples because their voice box is bigger. That is why it is called an adam’s apple. It is why men have deeper voices than women. Your adam’s apple becomes noticeable in stage four of development when your voice begins to get lower. But in the middle of stage three is when you gain the ability to ejaculate (on average). It is not long after a boy begins to ejaculate that most discover masturbation. But the point is that the adam’s apple will enlarge regardless of whether a boy masturbates or not. The size of your adam’s apple is determined by your genes.

Now, whether you are skinny or fat will alter how big your adam’s apple looks. People measure things relatively. If you are fat, your larger throat will cover most of the adam’s apple and it will appear to be smaller than a person who is very skinny and his adam’s apple sticks out from his throat. This is true even if both people have exactly the same size adam’s apple.