Is it wrong to look at a woman’s breasts?

Last updated on October 1, 2020


I like breasts. Am I a pervert? Is it lustful to like the female body? I seem to have a taste in a nice pair for some time and I hear it’s not wrong, just as long as you don’t have any lustful thoughts about such things. I believe it, but I want to be 100% sure about it in case I accidentally do anything stupid. I also know that private areas are private because they are sacred within marriage, so am I sinning by staring at a girls’ mesmerizing God-given breasts? Am I committing adultery if I look at a nicely fashioned set of boobs that aren’t my future wife’s? Is it OK for me to look at and like an attractive female body that isn’t too revealing without wanting to have sex with her? Is it bad if it arouses me? I’m not talking about touching or searching for images on the Internet, I know better than that.


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Where sin comes into play is when “looking” turns into lust. Lust is strongly wanting what is not lawful, to the point that at least in your mind you would be willing to break God’s law to get it. To look at a woman and say she is attractive is one thing. To look at a woman and imagine yourself having sex with her is something entirely different — and wrong. See Matthew 5:28.

Now things that you see are going to often get you aroused, especially in your teenage years. Your body responds to anything it even remotely connects to sex. Use the fact that your penis is getting erect as a warning sign that you are approaching a temptation and need to be on your guard.


Thanks! This really helped. I’ve been wondering this for a while. I’ve been planning on getting a girlfriend, so this made it a whole lot easier to keep my thoughts in check. I’m pretty good at guarding during arousal, so now it should be easier.

I also know that looks don’t define a woman, nor do they last forever, but this is good information to know, just in case I do get lucky to have a good looking girlfriend.