Is there a way to predict how much more I will grow

Last updated on August 8, 2023


I have a few questions about my height growth. Will I grow more and is there a way to predict it? I am currently 17.

I am 5’4 1/2, my mom is 4’9, and my dad is 6’5. In 7th grade, I was around 4’9 and in 8th grade, I was around 4’11. I don’t have any pictures of measurements to see my height growth from 8th-10th grade but that is when quarantine happened. At the beginning of 10th grade, I was somewhere from 5’2-5’3. In junior year I was around 5’3.5-5’4ish, and now I am 5’4 1/2. my parents and I measured my height around a month ago and I grew around 2/5ths of an inch unless they mismeasured it.

I just started getting a happy trail within the past couple of months. I started growing some more facial hair (just peach fuzz extending from my like 10 beard hairs) and also my sideburns extending downward. My voice deepened permanently at pretty much exactly 14.

I was constantly made fun of for my height in middle school by people who capped out in height early and now I’m only an inch or two shorter than them now. I’ve talked to a lot of adults with parents of similar heights as mine and they all tend to grow later. I know someone who has a 6’3 dad and a 4’11 mom and he was 4’11 until 17 and grew to 5’11 over a few years. Another fully grown adult I know has a 6’4 dad and 4’9 mom and was always short for his age but he kept growing slowly but surely until like 22 and ended up 5’9. Another adult I know has a 4’7 mom and 6’2 dad and he grew mostly at 17-18 and ended up 5’8. What tanner stage am I in if you had to guess? Am I a late bloomer, and will I continue to grow or hit a growth spurt?

Also not sure if this helps, but my dad was 6’2-6’3 at 16 then slowly grew to 6’4 by like 18 then grew to 6’5 at 21 so he grew an inch pretty late


Your hair description is that of early stage 4. However, your growth pattern doesn’t match. Since I can’t see you, I can’t guess where the disparity comes from. Based on your height, I would have said you were in early stage 3. All I can offer is that you can use the various estimators on Predicting Your Adult Height.


Got it. Thank you.

Do you think I should see my pediatrician to see what he thinks? Also, is it possible I could just have a late growth spurt or does it not work like that?


Your pediatrician is able to give you an estimated adult height. He can also answer questions about the progress of your development.