Is there anything wrong with having a penis bend down a bit?

Last updated on August 11, 2020


For many years I’ve nurtured the idea that something was wrong with my physical anatomy. At first I wondered why my penis was so small. Thankfully, I became aware that it wasn’t; in fact, it was average. However, as you become an adult you hear and learn lots of things, which, instead of helping you solving problems, worsen them. Perhaps due to ignorance or fear of being misinterpreted, I avoided asking questions on the topic. It is an embarrassing situation. Such behavior have been contributing to conclusions that something was wrong with my erections.

Like any man, my penis gets rigid regularly, but instead of pointing upward, it bends a bit downward. For this reason, I thought I had a sexual dysfunction since most men have erections that are straight outwards or upwards. At least, those things were reported as being the standards for man. These misleading thoughts were knocking me down. And the more I wanted to be a full man, it seemed the less I was. What if I married and my wife disregarded me for that? Thoughts like these bothered me and were driving me crazy. Imagine, how in my thirties could I face myself or, even worse. go to a drugstore and asking for medicine? Lest I go crazy, I fought this nightmare, calmed myself, and tried not to worry about it — unfortunately, without much success.

A few days ago erection concerns and questions about masturbation, sexual drive, etc, came bubbling in my mind. In order to be well informed, I started browsing the Internet. After much research, I reached your comments on these themes.

Those comments really helped me to see things clearly. But I must confess that I’d like to be as most men are. It seems that getting this corrected would reinforce my manhood. Truly, I don’t know if having a rigid penis bending a little down is or not an anatomic problem. However, I would like to know if it’s possible to correct it.

Moreover, I’d like to pose some questions, which are as follows: Is there anything wrong with my desire to have erections as most men have? Do you think it would be strange to a woman seeing an aroused man with a penis a bit bent down?


The angle of an erect penis is determined by a ligament, called the fundiform ligament. The ligament runs from the pubic bone in your pelvis, around both sides of the penis, and attaches at the bottom, forming a sling (which is what fundiform means in Latin). While most young men have a tight ligament which causes their penis to point upwards when they are erect, it is not true with every man. As you noted some men have erections pointing outwards or downwards. As a man ages, the ligament stretches anyways, so the angle of erections gradually moves downward. Men with larger than average penises also tend to point downward simply because the weight of the penis stretches the ligament.

The main thing to understand is that the initial direction in which a penis points has nothing to do with sexual intercourse. When your penis is erect, even though it points downward naturally, you can raise it up. A young man finds it uncomfortable to lower the angle because it stretches the ligament. Yet, either way, both can get his penis to the proper angle needed to engage in intercourse with his wife.

While I am sure you could find a doctor willing to do surgery to shorten your fundiform, but it would expensive for something that would only make a minor difference, plus there are risks with any surgery, and it won’t last because it would eventually stretch back out again later in your life. Besides, it generally is men who are visually oriented, not women. They want a relationship (think “conversation”). That is far more important to a woman. Or look at it this way, how do you think the fat, ugly guys manage to get wives? It certainly isn’t by looks.