It is normal to only advance a quarter stage in one year?



I am still in tanner stage 4.3 after two and a half months, but I feel like my body is still developing normally. I have in these 2.5 months grown around 1/4 an inch or and stand now 6’ 3/4 in the evening, 6’1.5 in the morning. I still have no facial hair and have in the last 2 months had to once “shave” cut with scissors 2-3 longer hairs. My legs still look long for my height and the halfway point of my body is around an inch below my penis. Will this become a little more even once I go further towards tanner stage 5? The only noticeable differences I have had in recent months is growth in height and a little more development in belly hair above my penis. I have read from your site that the body can work on inner organs at times too. 

The questions I this time have for you are:

  • Does it look I will be 6’2 even in height or possibly even taller given my growth rate and Tanner stage? 
  • Will the base of my penis become close to half my height once I advance further in the Tanner stage?
  • Is it normal to only advance from Tanner stage 4-4.3 in one year? Seems a little slower than normal?

Have a great day.


The calculator is intended to be an estimate of a person’s Tanner stage. My aim is for the results to be within a third of a stage in regards to where a person actually is. Therefore, progressing from 4.0 to 4.3 in a year is well within the tolerances I’m aiming for.

All changes that are taking place are not external. There are times when the body is focused on making internal changes and you won’t see many changes during those times.

Most of your change in height during stage 4 comes from your spine lengthening. This will make your top half longer and bring your half-height up. The half-height at the base of the penis is considered proper when drawing an idealized man. In reality, some guys will be long-legged and others will have longer trunks. All are within the norm for human beings.

There is a strong probability that you may add another half-inch before you are done growing in height. It really doesn’t matter how tall you end up being. You are fine the way you are.