I’ve been constipated for the last 4 or 5 days

Last updated on September 24, 2020



I have already spoken about this to my parents, but I wanted a little more information. I tried using Google but it didn’t give me much help. I have been having stomachaches for the last 4 or 5 days. I use the bathroom to try to resolve this each time. I have constipation and diarrhea. Each time, I only defecate a little bit of diarrhea. This annoys me a lot because usually right after I come out of the bathroom feeling fine the stomachache creeps back. Recently, I got a migraine which lasted a few hours because (I think) that when I “squeeze” because of constipation. The back of my head hurts a lot. Am I trying too hard? After trying this hard only a little comes out. As I said, this annoys me a lot because right afterward, I have another stomachache again. I have heard that this could be a stomach virus, but I am not too sure. This is annoying me a lot. I have tried using Tiger Balm and rubbing it around my belly button and it works for a bit but after it lasts it comes back again. It’s a good temporary solution but what could my condition be and what treatment should I get? Will this go away on its own?

Thank you very much!


I hope you have seen a doctor by now, but if not, you need to see one tomorrow. While I hope it is minor, there are some things that it could be that are major problems. One thing that you did not mention that I’m assuming you don’t have is any signs of blood when you wipe yourself. Other things that a doctor might want to know are whether there seems to be any mucus in the stool that comes out and whether you have had a lot of gas.

The stomach ache is most likely due to you being backed up. The headache is probably a combination of straining and being backed up.

Please don’t put off seeing the doctor. Let me know how you are getting along. I’ll be praying for you.