I’ve ejaculated so much, I’m afraid I’ll have nothing left to have children

Last updated on October 8, 2020



I am 20 years old. For the past two years, I have been ejaculating semen. Sometimes it happens in my sleep. Sometimes it happens with my girlfriend, even without having sex, but my mind was forced to ejaculate. However, I ejaculate somehow by just sleeping with her (without having sex) because my mind is forced to do so. Earlier I had problems with releasing semen in my sleep, but hopefully, now it won’t happen. But anyway, I lose so much sperm since it has been done for so many days — sometimes it is regularly and sometimes it is rare. Will it be any problem for me in the future if I want to have children? Most importantly, with this, I am very weak now. I lost all my weight. How do I recover my weight and solve these problems?

Please help me.


You misunderstand your own body. You manufacture sperm and semen constantly. Males do not run out, except if they ejaculate too many times in a row and use up what is stored. Even then, within days, if not hours, more is generated to replace what was used up. Therefore ejaculating semen does not cause weakness or weight loss. If you are experiencing weight loss, it is due to other reasons.

The way God designed the male body, when there is too much semen stored up, the body ejaculates the excess to make room for new batches of semen. Wet dreams (ejaculating in your sleep) and masturbation are the two ways the body gets rid of the older, excess semen.

There is a reason why men should not sleep with women they are not married to. If you have a wet dream, it is possible to get the woman pregnant, even if you don’t actually have sex in your sleep. All it takes is some semen to end up near a woman’s vaginal opening and the sperm can swim up the vagina. While the odds are low, it remains a possibility.