My glans is very sensitive, almost painful. What can I do about it?

Last updated on October 4, 2020


I have an uncircumcised penis. I had a problem with pulling back my foreskin; however, as per your advice, I tried some activities, like “stretches to loosen the foreskin.” Now I am able to pull back my foreskin as much as possible. But I couldn’t touch my glans as I would like. It is very sensitive. Whenever I try to touch my glans, I feel uncomfortable. I feel some kind of pain when I touch my glans, but it’s not painful.

Kindly advise.


The skin on your glans is hypersensitive because it has not been exposed before. The smallest touch produces too much feedback to your nervous system, so while it feels good, the intensity is so strong that it also feels painful.

What you will need to do is teach your body, so the proper amount of feedback comes to you. When you have privacy, let your penis hang out and expose the glans to the air for a while. Don’t try to touch the glans directly. Don’t leave it exposed for a really long time because it is possible for the foreskin to swell up and become difficult to re-sheathe your penis.

Once this becomes comfortable, try very light touches as often as you can. Then try unsheathing your glans when you are in bed, so the sheets touch your glans. Continue to expose and touch your glans until it is no longer uncomfortable. It might take a month or more for it to calm down.