The sin of lust always seems to get the upper hand on me

Last updated on September 1, 2020


I have been a Christian for about a couple of years and only decided to follow my faith in Christ properly last year. I just wanted to ask: How do I stop sinning? I keep falling into the same sin. I want to be right in my walk with God, but the same sin always seems to get the better hand. This is the first time that I have mention this to someone because I was always afraid that people will judge me. 

I sometimes lust a lot, even though i try my hardest not to. 🙁

I always try to be good when I am around my girlfriend because I don’t it to destroy my relationship. I want my life and relationship to be pleasing to God.

Please would pray for me. 


I would like to help, but you left me guessing as to what problem you are facing — beyond the fact that it involves lust in some way. I don’t want to guess and give you the wrong advice. In general, lust has to be dealt with from two angles: Whether you accept it or justify it to yourself, which you should not; and what is triggering the lust. Sometimes a simple change in behavior can make a dramatic difference in how you respond to a situation.