There is a spot under one of my testicles that is painful if touched

Last updated on October 6, 2020


Well, about an hour ago I started experiencing pain in my left testicle. I can’t remember if I hit or bruised it, but it could have happened without me knowing it I guess. I tried performing a testicular self-exam, but I’m not really sure how to. I did feel slight pain when I touched the bottom of my left testicle and felt some veins or spermatic tubes, but it felt like there was a bump or extra amount of tubes there unlike my right testicle.

My testicles hang a lot, and they have from an early age, even before puberty that would hang when I was hot or whatever. But I remember one night waking up in excruciating pain in my left testicle. I could barely walk to my dad’s room. I told him, but he didn’t say too much, and I didn’t go to the doctor. After I woke that day, most of the pain was gone, but every now and again I have like a throbbing pain in my testicle, and it doesn’t hurt really when I touch the actual testicle, but when I touch the tubes or roll it around in my fingers is when it hurts. I don’t feel any masses or things like that.

I wear briefs that are tight to hide erections, could that be a possible cause? Or maybe it’s from me sleeping without underwear on? I’m just not sure. The pain usually leaves in a day or so.

Also, every time I’m sick, especially with a fever, I have this throbbing pain in both testicles. Even though my penis may be flaccid, it will be a “hard” flaccid, unlike when it’s usually flaccid, it’s soft and “bendable.” This has always perplexed me, and I’m not sure if this is usual. I’ve tried the Internet for answers, but it’s just a bunch of “stuff” and not all of it is good material at all.

The last time I had a physical was probably 7 or 8 years ago, and even then the doctor only touched my testicles and had me cough; he really didn’t look too hard. 

If you could help me with both questions, I’d greatly appreciate it. And if you could tell me how to or direct me to good information on how to perform a testicle self-examination monthly.


You need to go and see a doctor. I suspect that you have a varicocele, which means that a valve has failed in one of your veins, causing blood to back up in your scrotum. It is not dangerous, especially if it is minor, but it can make you infertile or less fertile. If it is a varicocele, briefs actually help because it takes the pressure off the scrotum. Generally, doctors try to avoid treating varicoceles with surgery if the person is able to live with this discomfort. But if it appears to be several valves failing to cause significant backup and frequent pain, there is minor surgery that can fix the problem. By the way, sleeping without underwear does not cause varicoceles. They are just something some guys are prone to get; in other words, it is something you inherit in your genes.

In the case of fevers, it is because your temperature is up. The penis is a part of the radiator to cool the testicles. If your body is hot from a fever, the scrotum expands to give more surface area, but the blood also goes into the penis to expand it as well so more heat can be dissipated.

In regards to self-exams, see:


Thank you for answering that question for me. To be honest, it’s easier to talk to someone I don’t know than to my dad, but I’ll just have to overcome and talk to him about the pain and going to see a doctor. Thank you for answering this question.


I perfectly understand the difficulty, which is why I answer these types of questions. Just tell him that you’ve been having pain in your scrotum and it keeps coming back. Then politely ask if you can see the doctor about it.