I have some skin attached to my glans and my scrotum smells bad

Last updated on October 6, 2020


I have a large uncircumcised penis. I’ve already gone through puberty and my foreskin has separated from the glans, at least I thought so until a few weeks ago. There seems to be some skin that is still attached and is stretching. I’m not sure if it’s possible that my penis can still be growing at the age of 17. Like there are 3-4 “strips” of skin that is connected from the underside of my glans to the foreskin. I don’t have a frenulum and when erect, my penis’ skin is very tight, uncomfortable but there is no pain. The rest of my body is matured and everything. Although I haven’t really gone through a growth spurt yet. I’ve been the same height for approximately two years. I may have started growing and maybe my penis has started to get longer? 

Also, my testicles are always really gross smelling. I take showers every day and every 3 or 4 days I use Selsun Blue on them in case it’s like a fungus because sometimes they itch extremely bad. I don’t know if this is usual or not. If it’s a usual thing for a guy’s testes to smell, then I’m fine that mine do; but if it’s not usual, I’d like to try to do something so they won’t smell.


Every male has a frenulum. Yours may not be exposed because the foreskin did not fully separate from the glans, but it is still there. You can try the techniques listed in The skin on my penis doesn’t pull back all the way to release the tip of the penis. to see if that encourages the final separation.

Regarding your growth, I don’t have enough information and I can’t see you in order to fill in the gaps. Try using the Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys to see where you might be in your development. Generally, a person who hasn’t grown in two years has reached stage 5.

Selsun Blue won’t take care of a fungus infection. Since it itches badly, go get some antifungal cream or spray that is designed for jock itch. Follow the label directions completely. It will likely take at least two weeks to completely get rid of the infection. In addition, make sure you completely dry off after bathing. Don’t be in a rush to get dressed again, so your groin area can dry completely. When you do get dressed, do not put back on the same underwear you wore before bathing since it will just reintroduce the fungus. Also at night, do not wear any underwear. Wear a loose pajama bottom or nothing at all so that your skin can dry at night. These steps should keep the fungus from growing and the antifungal medication will get rid of what you already have.


I suppose I just have loose skin when flaccid, and tight skin when erect. I don’t know how to describe the skin, except that there is skin that is attached from the bottom of my glans to the shaft of the penis. It’s only in a couple of spots but it is strange and weird, but it doesn’t really bother me, so I guess I don’t need medical attention.

About the frenulum, if I know what I’m talking about, it’s a piece of skin that attaches from the underside of the glans to the underside of the shaft of the penis? I don’t have that.

My testicles have been getting better. I’ve been letting them dry after taking showers and I started sleeping naked, which has really helped with the sweating at night which I think has helped with the smell.


This shows the bottom view of the glans. The line of skin going up to the V-shaped slot of the glans is the frenulum.

It is possible for circumcision to take off too much of the foreskin, but it generally is not a problem because the skin tends to stretch as you grow.

Most likely because you sweat so much at night, your groin became a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Now that you are interrupting the moisture, the fungus is no longer reproducing. Once you use all the anti-fungal medication, you can go back to wearing something at night, but make sure it is light and loose. Do not wear underwear at night. You might also consider using fewer blankets at night so you aren’t quite so warm and less moisture is trapped under the sheets.


Okay, that picture has helped me out. My penis looked normal compared to that, and now I know what the frenulum looks like. You’re definitely right about the feeding ground for bacteria at night. There have been some friends staying the night the last couple of days, and I slept in my underwear, and in the morning the smell was bad again, so I definitely know the solution now.