Two years after getting hit in the testicles, my penis has a bend in it

Last updated on October 4, 2020



I am 16 years old. When I was 14 we had a stupid game that involved punching our balls. One guy punched me in my testicles. After a day I was fine, but now I found out that my left testicle is smaller and the other half of my penis is smaller and bent to the left. It doesn’t even stay on the right side. If I put it there it goes to the left. I don’t know if it a problem, but that left (sponge) should have been the same as the other one. When I was 14 it was the same and straight not bent.


It is not unusual for one testicle to be a slightly different size than the other testicle. If there is a large difference, you should see your doctor about it. Whether it was the blow that caused the problem is something I can’t tell you.

It is possible that a physical hit can cause damage to the chambers of the penis. Whether this event did so for you is again something I can’t say.

It is not unusual for a man’s penis to tend to lay to one side or the other. When you are erect, the question is whether the shaft of the penis, when held straight bends significantly to one side partway up the shaft. It is normal to have some bend, but a bend greater than 20 degrees will make things difficult in having sexual intercourse.

If a bend does not heal itself in about three months, other measures will be needed to correct the problem. For that, you would need to see a urologist.