What is a tight circumcision and why is my glans more sensitive on some days?

Last updated on October 7, 2020


I’m not sure, but my glans seems to be more sensitive to touch one day and less the next. Is this normal? I have a very tight circumcision. When my penis enlarged, the skin that was left attached to my glans pulled apart, eventually detaching altogether. I don’t have a foreskin, so my glans is always exposed. Could this be why they seem to be more or less sensitive? Could it be because glans can become dry, just like other parts of your skin can become dry? If you have the recourses, could you describe or show me what a normal, tight circumcision looks like? 


There are several components to the sensitivity of the glans. Your hormone levels can make you more aroused some days than others. When you are more aroused, your glans is more sensitive. Related to that is how strong is your erection. The stronger the erection the more the texture on your glans stands up, which makes you more sensitive. It is also true that moist skin is more sensitive to touch in a pleasant way that dry skin.

A tight circumcision means that when you are erect the skin on the shaft is pulled tight. A loose circumcision means that when you are erect there is still some play in the skin on the shaft of the penis. What kind you have depends on who did the operation and the style of surgery they used. “Circumcision Styles” shows both drawings and images of different styles of circumcisions. Do be aware that the Circlist organization that produces the page has a strong bias toward circumcisions. Despite what is stated there, there is no normal look. Like other cosmetic surgeries, the result is a personal preference.