When does a boy start to ejaculate?

Last updated on September 21, 2020


What age does a boy first start to properly ejaculate or what Tanner Stage does it normally happen in?

I have just turned 15 and am in stage 3 on the Tanner scale. In the last few weeks, my ejaculation fluid has been changing form. A few weeks ago it was a clearish fluid and it just dripped out. Now it is more of a thick yellow and white liquid and it spurts out in a large amount. What does this mean in terms of my growth and stage of puberty?


Pre-Ejaculate or precum

Semen typically begins being produced anywhere from stage 2 to stage 4 of development. The clear fluid you were seeing is pre-ejaculate fluid produced by your Cowper’s glands. This fluid clears out any leftover urine in your penis and also lubricates the tube in preparation for ejaculation. While you were experiencing orgasm and could feel the muscles contract for ejaculation, you didn’t have any semen to actually ejaculate. That has recently changed. The thick whitish fluid is your semen. Mixed within it are sperm for producing children. This fluid is produced by your seminal vesicles.