When does the body start producing semen?


You said that my first ejaculation is not too far away in the future. Is your first ejaculation a sign of stage 4 or could it happen in stage 3? I hope I am not near stage four already.

How come my body is starting to produce semen, but semen production starts in stage 2 or 4 while I am in stage 3. Does your body start producing semen late in stage 2 or early stage 3?


When you are growing, the body doesn’t have enough energy to develop everything at once. When one area is being emphasized, other areas slow down or pause.

The glands involved in producing semen and causing ejaculations are independent of other systems, such as your height or body hair. But somewhere between stage 2 and stage 4, a boy begins producing and ejaculating semen. Typically, this will happen in stage 2 before all the energy is directed toward increasing the body size or in stage 4 after the body size is bigger and the body now has the energy to direct toward the reproductive system. However, it is possible for the reproductive glands to develop enough to produce semen in stage 3 during one of the pauses.