When will my voice start sounding like an adult?

Last updated on March 25, 2022



I’m almost 14. I have around Tanner stage 4 genitals and pubes. My balls are between 4-5 cm in length. My scrotum is dark. My pubic hair looks like someone trimmed around 2-3 inches of my head hair and stuck it around my genitals. It spreads to just before the crease in my thighs and reaches 1-2 cm below the fold between my triangle thing and my stomach. I have fine but somewhat noticeable hair around my stomach and extending toward my pubic hair. Thus, I believe I’m an early stage 4 (I get 3.9-4.1) on the stage calculator so around a 4.0, but my voice hasn’t “broken.” By that, I mean my voice has gotten deeper from childhood but it doesn’t sound like a generic teenager. It sounds more like a child with a voice changer if that makes sense. Basically, it is deeper but it hasn’t turned into something like an adult voice. I believe you’ve heard of this mid-voice IIA, but it feels like I’ve been there for a year. I’m just curious when it will actually change as it seems I’m starting stage 4 now, or I’m going into it.


You are on the early side of reaching stage 4. The average is around age 15. Your voice has already started to lower, but the change that you are looking for will occur during stage 4 so plan on it happening in about a year.



Thanks for your reply. I’ve just been wondering since it seems all my friends are developing “teenager voices” before me. Most of them developed theirs by 13; yet, I still sound rather young. Anyhow, thanks very much!