Where should you be in puberty at age 10?

Last updated on August 3, 2020


Where should you be in puberty at age 10?


There is no single correct answer since the changes from childhood to adulthood vary with each individual. Puberty, the start of adolescence, is considered normal or typical between ages 9 and 16. The average age of puberty is 11.5 to 12 years, so at age 10 well over half the boys in the world haven’t even hit puberty.

Let’s just assume for the moment that you happened to be one of the early developers at age nine. The first sign of puberty in a boy is the enlarging testicles. Most boys miss this sign as it happens gradually. The shaft of the penis begins to lengthen as well, but again not in any greatly noticeable way. The second sign is usually the development of hair scattered around the groin near the base of the penis. This is usually the first sign that many boys notice. The third development is the beginning of frequent spontaneous erections. All of these events may begin to occur by the age of 10 if puberty was reached at 9. However, the rate of development also varies between individuals, so some things will appear sooner or later in your particular case.