Why are girls indifferent to the strength of boys’ sexual feelings?

Last updated on August 14, 2022


I usually don’t understand why girls have a hard time realizing the strength of the sexual desires in boys and always show indifference to a boy’s feelings whenever I look at girls around me. As mentioned, could this be related to how their sexuality is expressed differently from boys? How do girls get away with sexual desires without involving themselves in a nonsexual way?

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All people have a hard time understanding feelings that they are not personally experiencing. Girls tend toward the verbal and it is the relationship between people that most often excites them. While the visual is interesting, it doesn’t impact a girl as deeply as it does most guys. Therefore, when a girl wears provocative clothing, she is thinking about attracting the attention of a certain boy. When other boys are also attracted, she gets annoyed because there is no relationship there, so she doesn’t understand why the boys are sexually aroused by her.

It goes the other way around too. Boys are confused by girls swooning over a non-attractive actor. The movie, to the boys, is full of talking and nothing is happening, so it is boring; yet, the girls seem to be engrossed in it and clearly are turned on by what is going on. And the girls can’t understand why the boys aren’t excited.

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In reference to the last question I was asking, we know many guys regularly masturbate or have wet dreams to keep their sexual desire down to a manageable level in order to avoid temptation. But considering the case of girls, many don’t often regularly masturbate or even have wet dreams. Do girls also lose control easily if they get tempted? How do girls keep control or manage their sexual desires or urges in the absence of masturbation or wet dreams? Are there any consequences on their sexual health if they don’t release to the point of orgasm?

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You are making the same type of mistake that girls sometimes make regarding boys. You are assuming that because you are made a certain way that girls have the same experiences.

Girls don’t produce semen and so there is nothing that gets stored up in their glands. Since there is no storage, there is no need for release with the storage gets full. While masturbation feels good to a girl, there is no physical need for release that is driving it as there is in boys.

Girls do experience erotic dreams, but not as often as boys, and their dreams are not accompanied by a release of fluid since there is nothing that needs to be released.

A girl’s sexual desire is tied to her monthly cycle. She experiences the strongest sexual desire around the time an egg is released. It then fades on its own as the cycle continues. A boy’s sexual desire rises as his seminal vesicles get full and decreases after ejaculation. Thus, boys have the drive to ejaculate periodically that girls do not experience. Of course, in order to ejaculate, a boy has to experience orgasm. Since a girl has nothing to release, orgasms feel good but serve no physical requirement.

Boys and girls are both susceptible to sexual temptation and can lose control if they give in to their desires and allow the pleasures of sexual feelings to carry them away.


Thank you so much, sir, for taking the time to answer my queries. You have been my true mentor regarding the sexual behavior of boys and girls. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know these key facts and would be carrying false information about girls’ sexual behavior throughout my life. This website has really helped me a lot. You are doing a great job.