I feel like I have fallen back into old sinful habits



I would like to mention that I have started having nocturnal emissions. Last month I woke up during a wet dream so I decided to finish it. I didn’t feel guilty because I didn’t arouse myself with porn or lustful thoughts. But last night when I laid down to go to sleep I got an erection that was fairly strong so I masturbated but once again didn’t use any pornography or lust in my mind. My question is how come I feel guilty after what I did last night? I feel as if I have fallen back into my old sinful self.

I would also like to ask how come my sexual desire isn’t any lower today after what I did last night. I still feel tense.


Feelings don’t define right or wrong. At best feelings are a faulty warning system that something you are doing may be right or wrong. When you are uncomfortable and not certain if something you thinking about doing or have already done is right, then you look into it.

Therefore, let’s look at the two events. In both cases, you basically did the same thing. The only difference is that one was started by a wet dream and the other you initiated because of a strong erection. Either both of these were wrong or both of them were right. If they were wrong, then you have to explain what law of God you violated. See Is masturbation sinful or not?

Because of the rapid change in hormones when you ejaculate, it isn’t unusual to have a reaction that feels like guilt. See Why do I feel guilty after ejaculating? I suspect that in the case of the unfinished wet dream that you fell back to sleep fairly quickly, so you didn’t notice a change in your mood.

Your body can store enough semen for three or four ejaculations, especially if you are getting full. Thus, one ejaculation doesn’t completely empty you out. The rate you produce semen varies depending on your hormone levels. Thus, there can be periods when you ejaculate and your seminal vesicles refill before the day is out.