Why do I drip semen after I ejaculate?

Last updated on August 11, 2020



I’m 20 years old; well, almost 21. I don’t know whether my problem is usual or not. I masturbate regularly and my problem is that sometimes when I do it, minutes after I’m done, some semen like fluid drips from my penis. It’s not much in quantity, more like a few drops or more. This fluid obviously is a bit different from the original semen, and is more transparent but seems a bit like it too. I’m thinking that maybe when I masturbate all my semen doesn’t come out for some reason, and it is this semen that later gets out when there’s pressure on my area beneath or behind the penis. Otherwise I have healthy erections and do not face any problems.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!


When a man is sexually aroused, a pair of glands commonly called the Cowper’s glands begin to produce a clear fluid that drips out of the end of the penis. This fluid clears the penis of any leftover urine that might be in the urethra (the tube inside the penis). It is also very slick and provides a minor amount of lubrication when sexual intercourse takes place.

The semen that comes out with an ejaculation varies from milky white to a slightly yellowish color. It is actually a blend of fluids that come from the seminal vesicles, the testis, and the prostate gland. The fluid is combined in the ejaculatory duct deep inside your pelvis, underneath your bladder. Strong muscles that surround the ejaculatory duct squeeze the duct at orgasm causing the semen to squirt out the end of the penis.

If you ever used a water hose, you know that when you turn the water off at the spigot, water is still present in the hose. That is because the pressure is at end of the hose by the spigot. Once the pressure is turned off, there is nothing to push the remaining water out of the hose.

The same thing happens with your body. You might notice that when you urinate, even after you feel you are done, there are a few drops of liquid in your penis that most men learn to shake out in some fashion. Semen is much thicker than urine and after ejaculation, some of it remains in the penis.

Even after ejaculation is done, the Cowper’s glands continue to produce their fluid for a period of time. This fluid pushes the remaining semen gradually out of the penis. Since the clear fluid of the Cowper’s glands is mixing with the semen, it gives the fluid coming out of the penis a different look and consistency. Even if the Cowper’s glands don’t manage to get all of the semen out of the urethra, the next time you urinate, the remainder will be flushed out.