Why does my younger cousin have more facial hair than me?


Why does my 14-year-old cousin have more facial hair than me, a 16-year-old boy? I’m at Tanner stage 4 or 3.9. I think I have a bit of hair on my chin and my sideburns.


There are several possible reasons:

  • Everyone doesn’t grow at the same time. Even though he is younger than you, it is possible that he is more developed than you.
  • Everyone doesn’t develop in exactly the same order. It is possible his facial hair is ahead of other parts of his body.
  • He could have darker hair than you; thus, what little hair he has is easier to spot than your own hair.
  • If you are shaving, it could be that he isn’t and the few hairs he has are longer.

Generally, facial hair doesn’t fully develop in men until they are past stage 5. Don’t worry that someone is ahead or behind you. By the time you are in your twenties, you will all be in the same place.