Will my penis grow?

Last updated on October 7, 2022



I’m 16 and I scored a 4.1 on your test. I am 5 ft 9 in. I have grown pubic hair and am starting to be able to grow facial hair (not a beard, only sideburns and a mustache). I am worried because my penis does not seem to have noticeably grown. When erect, it is only around 4 inches long if not just under. Will my penis grow still? How will I notice if it starts to grow? Is it a sudden change or over a period of time? I am very worried as I can ejaculate semen but it has not seemed to have grown. Also, is there anything I can do to help speed up its growth?

Also, is it fine to lift reasonably sized weights while at this stage of puberty?

Thank you for your time.


Everyone does not have the same size feet, hands, ears, noses, etc. Every guy doesn’t have the same size penis. Not that it makes a huge about of difference. A woman’s vagina is flexible in size and is able to accommodate a wide variety of penis sizes. When you marry, your wife’s body will adjust to the size of your penis.

Penis lengths between 3 and 8 inches are considered to be normal for males. Yes, I know everyone thinks bigger is better, but that actually isn’t the case for sex. The average penis size is 5.25 inches long. Thus, you are a bit smaller than the average but well within the normal range. The size of your penis is determined by the genes that you inherited from your parents, just as your foot and hand sizes are also determined by your genetics. There is nothing you can do to alter the final size or speed up the process of growth.

Your penis grows the most in length during your growth spurt in stage 3. Your 4-inch penis is much longer than the penis you had as a child. During stage 4 it will grow a bit more in length, but most of the growth will be in girth. The growth of the penis is gradual, changing over a period of time.

In regards to lifting weights, there is no harm in weightlifting so long as your form is good and the amount of weight you are lifting is reasonable. See Does weightlifting stunt growth?


Thank you for the reply.

Is there a chance that it may still grow? I’m not even sure if I have ever really had a growth spurt. I have just grown at a constant rate all my life.


It is common for boys to wonder if they had a growth spurt because they don’t pay all that much attention until they notice there is a large difference between their heights and the heights of their friends. By that point, they had already grown rapidly. But when everyone is growing rapidly at the same time, you don’t notice.

I’m positive you had a growth spurt. It might not have been dramatic, but by this point in your development, you would have had one.

As I mentioned, there will still be some growth in length of your penis during stage 4 though the majority of the change will be in the girth of your penis.