Why is it uncomfortable to touch my glans when it is moist but not when it is dry?

Last updated on October 4, 2020


Is it normal if it is uncomfortable to touch my glans when it is moist, but when it is dry it is okay to touch it?


The skin is more sensitive when it is moist. Consider that when you step out of a shower, you can feel every small draft. Moist skin is more sensitive to touch because it has more “give” than dry skin.

Then, too, if your glans is moist because you have been dripping pre-ejaculate fluid, then it means you are sexually aroused. One of the responses to sexual arousal is that the rough areas on the glans stand up, sort of like goose pimples. This makes them more sensitive to touch as well.

The glans contains a large number of nerve endings, more per area than other parts of your body. What this means that it is easily prone to overload and overloaded nerves are uncomfortable, if not painful.