Why is my penis so short?

Last updated on October 15, 2022


I’m nearly 16 years old. I have facial, armpit, and pubic hair but no penis growth. Is there something wrong? Should I talk to my doctor? It’s about 2 inches flaccid and 3 inches erect. 


You didn’t give me much to go on regarding what stage of development you have reached. You could be anywhere from stage 3 to stage 5. It is during stage 3 that the penis gains its greatest length. During stage 4, the penis gains mostly girth. At stage 5, growth in the genitals stops.

Everyone does not have the same size feet, hands, ears, noses, etc. Every guy doesn’t have the same size penis. Not that it makes a huge about of difference. A woman’s vagina is flexible in size and is able to accommodate a wide variety of penis sizes. When you marry, your wife’s vagina will adjust to the size of your penis. What makes sex pleasurable is how you use your penis and the rest of your body.

Penis lengths between 3 and 8 inches are considered to be normal for males. The average penis size is 5.25 inches long. You are at the low end of the normal range. Yes, I know everyone thinks bigger is better, but that actually isn’t the case for sex. Most of a woman’s sensitivity to sexual pleasure is in the first inch of her vagina. You will definitely be able to give your wife pleasure during sex.

The size of your penis is determined by the genes that you inherited from your parents, just as your foot and hand sizes are also determined by your genetics. There is nothing you can do to alter the final size or speed up the process of growth.