Will I grow five more inches?

Last updated on August 20, 2022



I have a question about the remaining growth I have left.

I started puberty just before I turned 12. The first sign was when my testicles enlarged. About halfway through age 12, my pubic hair began growing. I was 5’0 or 5’1 at the time. At 13 I had my first ejaculation through a wet dream, but I was still small. My growth spurt came the next year. My voice changed when I was 14, and I was 5’6. The next year I saw facial hair on my upper lip starting to form and hair on my lower stomach becoming noticeable. Around that time I was 5’7. Now at 15, I am 5’8. My armpit hair is curly and has not spread to my chest yet. I am 4 inches not erect and 1 inch in width. My pubic hair has spread and is curly and some of it is forming to my navel. I am size 8 in shoe size. My feet aren’t growing as fast as 1 – 2 years ago. Can I grow 5 inches from now until Tanner’s stage 5? Or will I plateau?


You describe yourself as being in stage 4. During this stage, growth slows down until it completely stops at stage 5. I suspect you have less than an inch of growth left before your growth completely stops.