Will I stop growing now that I’m my dad’s height?

Last updated on August 20, 2022



Am I finished growing because I am the same height as my father?

First of all my father is smaller than the average male he was 5’10 but he shrank even though he hasn’t reached 40 yet. He has a stoutish stature and I am the same height as him. My growth spurt put me there. I am only 14, though my mom says I am only going to grow a little bit more before maxing out. My father was shorter than me at my age. He had his growth spurt late and I had mine at 13. Does this mean I have finished or will I be able to grow more? Just in case you need my stage of puberty I am in stage 3.7.


You stop growing in height when you reach stage 5. You still have about 2.5 years before that time. You won’t grow as fast as you did last year, but you will still continue to grow and then it will gradually slow down and then eventually stop. You are likely to put on several more inches before you reach your adult height.