Will my ball hang lower like my brother’s?


Dear Sir:

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. My brother is home for the long weekend and is staying in my room. He’s 19 and 3 years older than me. When we’re changing, I’ve noticed our dicks are almost the same size but his balls are bigger than mine and they definitely hang lower than mine do. Does that mean my balls will likely keep growing and start hanging lower over the next couple of years too? I don’t remember noticing before that he hangs a lot lower than me and it made me wonder. His chest is pretty hairy so I figure mine probably will be too.


A male’s testicles grow throughout the stages of development and for a little while beyond stage 5. As the testicles get larger, the cords they hang on also get longer. The amount of hanging depends on your body temperature. Young adult males have more muscles, so they tend to be warmer. The scrotum expands to allow the testicles to cool better.

While brothers carry many similar genetic traits, you and your brother are not exactly the same. Consider that Esau and Jacob were fraternal twins, yet Esau was hairy and Jacob was not (Genesis 27:11). Chest hair grows during stage 5, usually. Thus, you’ll find out in a few years how similar you are to your brother.