Will shaving my pubic hair stop my growth?

Last updated on October 1, 2020



I am 14 years old and 181 cm (5’11”). A few days ago I shaved my pubic area. Will this stop my height growth? This is very important to me because I play basketball.  

Please answer me soon. Thank you.


Cutting hair has no impact on your body’s growth. For the same reason, getting a haircut doesn’t impact your growth either.

I generally don’t recommend shaving your pubic hair because shaving can cause nicks in the skin which allow germs or fungus to get in. In other words, you might find yourself more susceptible to jock itch because of shaving. Another problem is newly growing hair is itchy. Finally, if you are of a lineage of really tight curly hair, there is an increased chance of getting ingrown hairs (blackheads) if you shave. Leaving the pubic hairs longer is more comfortable than shaving.

If you don’t want long pubic hair for some reason, then trim it back with scissors, but don’t shave it to skin level.


Thank you very much for the answer. Your advice was useful to me.