Do Fordyce spots ever go away?

Last updated on August 11, 2020


Do Fordyce spots ever go away? I’ve heard they are commonly found in young adults. This would indicate that as you get older they go away. Is this true?

Thanks for your time.


Fordyce spots are yellowish bumps that can be seen just below the surface of the skin on the penis. The bumps are your actually your oil glands. Some people just have more noticeable oil glands than others. It can be especially noticeable on fair-skinned people because of the lack of pigments in the skin can let you see below the surface.

The reason Fordyce spots are associated with young men is that the skin on your penis is thin and soft after your growth. Your oil glands are also working overtime during adolescence which sometimes makes them larger than during childhood. The thin skin of the penis easily follows the contours of what lies underneath the skin, so you feel the bumps. Because it is all new to young men, many become concerned about unknown bumps and see their doctors about it. Older men are used to what they see and don’t bother about what they know isn’t a problem. Therefore the doctors diagnose Fordyce spots much more often in young men than in older men.

As you get older your skin thickens, becomes less flexible, and your oil glands begin to decrease production. It happens all over the body, but that includes the penis. The result is that what was once easily seen now becomes less noticeable. So you are correct people have noted that the spots fade as you get older.