Does facial hair grow in a pattern?

Last updated on August 3, 2020


Does facial hair grow in a pattern?


Yes it does. When a boy first begins to grow facial hair, it will appear on his upper lip, around his chin, and next to his ears (sideburns). The new hair comes in very fine and light in color, which gives rise to the common name of “peach fuzz.” Eventually the hair strands become thicker and contain more color.

Not everyone develops a thick set of facial hair. Some men develop very little, while others have a huge amount. It is simply a matter of what genes you inherited from your parents.

For those who do inherit a great deal of facial hair, you will find that the hair lays in a particular direction, just as the hair on top of your head has a distinctive pattern to the way it lays. Generally, the hair follicles point downwards. The follicles under your chin tend to point slightly away from your chin.