How can you stop having erections in the shower?

Last updated on August 3, 2020


How can you stop having erections in the shower?


Once your body gains the ability to have erections, they are very difficult to control early on. As a result, they are often called spontaneous erections because they happen at seemingly arbitrary times. For the most part, becoming a man means learning to live with the reactions of a man’s body, which includes erections.

Having said all this, let us examine why public showering often triggers erections. It won’t necessarily stop them, but at least you can accept what is happening.

The primary trigger for erections is sexual ideas. Most of us grow up keeping our bodies private, but in a shower you are naked where others can see you and you can see them. Even though you have no sexual desire for other boys, the situation is enough for your developing and oversensitive mind to trigger an erection.

Then, the action of showering — having warm water pouring over your skin and scrubbing down — causes sexual stimulation. It is not just the genitals that are sensitive. You have numerous areas over your body that are sensitive to touch and many of these will bring on sexual feelings.

Finally, erections are caused by a set of small muscles clamping down on the veins leaving the penis. The back pressure is what creates the erections. When you get nervous, you tense up and often during your adolescent days your body tenses more muscles than it needs to — including the ones that trigger an erection. Most of us are nervous about being naked in front of other people, so guess what usually happens? Then when you realize that your penis is getting hard, you become more nervous, which just furthers your erection.

As you get older, you slowly learn how to keep yourself from getting tense and to distract your mind from sexual ideas. It won’t stop all erections when you don’t want them, but it will help to decrease them.