How much growth do I have left?

Last updated on January 16, 2022



I would like to inquire about how much height growth I have left as it has given me a tremendous amount of stress.

I would like to start off by saying that I am a 13-year-old Arab male, who has a lot of leg hair, a considerable amount of chest hair, and arm hair. The first signs of puberty began when I was 11, when my voice became deeper, getting pubic hair, and my height increased slightly faster than before puberty. When I became 12, I had a growth spurt of about 4 inches making me 5’7. From last summer to now, I have grown about an inch.

I would also like to say I developed plenty of body hair when I was 12 just as my growth spurt was happening. I had the same amount of pubic hair at this time until now. I also have a good amount of arm hair, but some of it is barely visible.

I am 5’8 at the amount and from the calculator, it says I am in Tanner stage 3.9. My parents’ heights are 5’1.5 for my mother and around 5’11 for my dad.

How much growth do I have left?


From your description, you were in stage 3 when you were 11-12 years old. That might be when you first noticed that you were changing, but puberty actually started 3 years before. I suspect that for you it started sometime when you were 8. The early signs are subtle and being that young, you would not have bothered to look for them. This makes you an early bloomer.

Understand that I can’t see you, so a doctor’s assessment would be more accurate, but it sounds like you are in stage 4 of development. That means you have about 1 to 3 more inches to grow in the two years you are in stage 4.