I get something that looks like semen when I empty my bladder

Last updated on August 29, 2020



I’ve been wondering what’s happening with my body since I have stopped masturbating for about three months. Sometimes, I get a feeling that something is left out after I urinate. When I force it out, it looks something like semen. I checked the Internet and read about retrograde ejaculation. Though I didn’t want to masturbate, I was forced to check what’s happening to me, and I ejaculated more than a spoonful. So is there a chance of it being retrograde ejaculation, or what is happening to me? 


Internally you have a prostate gland and a part of that glands is a set of muscles that act as the switch on a railroad track that forks. Either the pathway to the bladder is open, which is your normal state, or the pathway to the ejaculatory duct is open, which is your state when you are sexually aroused. The path out the urethra is always open.

In retrograde ejaculation, something blocks the exit through the urethra. The pressure of ejaculation forces the semen backward up to the bladder, even though that route is squeezed off by muscles. The result is quite painful. There are also cases where the muscle squeezing-off the bladder route becomes weakened because of medication or disease. Here just the momentary pressure of ejaculating causes some to slip back up into the bladder. But again, it causes pain or discomfort.

It would not be an infection as there are other symptoms which you would have noticed and mentioned.

Notice in the illustration, that the seminal vesicles, which manufactures and holds your semen are right next to the bladder. It isn’t unusual for some boys to describe the feeling that they are about to ejaculate as feeling like they are about to urinate. So what I suspect is that you haven’t had an ejaculation (including a night wetting) in a while, which meant that your seminal vesicles were very full. You emptied your bladder but the pressure from the seminal vesicles made you feel like there were was still more in there. Trying to force the last out actually caused some excess semen to squeeze out from the ejaculatory duct, which is what you saw.