I have a small bump on my right testicle

Last updated on August 11, 2020


So I have a small bump on my right testicle.  I think it’s because I pulled some hair out of that area for some reason.  There is a red bump that doesn’t hurt nor itch and after reading about testicular cancer, I’m worried. What should I do?


It appears you are confusing the names of some of your body parts, so I’m not getting a clear picture in my head of what is troubling you. The bag under your penis is called your scrotum. It is a pouch that holds your two testicles. Your testicles are the two, roughly egg-shaped things inside your scrotum. Hair grows on the scrotum and not your testicles. And since your testicles are inside your scrotum, you can’t see the color of a bump on a testicle.

If you pulled some hair out of your scrotum, it is possible that you damaged the skin and some sort of bacteria got in and caused an infection. Another possibility is that you broke the hairs just below the surface of the skin and as the hairs continued to grow, they are having trouble getting to the surface and so are pushing against the skin and causing a bump. For now, give your scrotum a few days to heal. If the bump gets bigger or starts to be painful, rub some antibiotic ointment into the bump for a few days to see if that causes it to disappear. If that doesn’t help, you should consider seeing a doctor just to make sure it isn’t anything major.

Cancer of the testicles is felt on the testicles through the scrotum. It will feel like a hard, pea-like bump on the testicle itself. Such bumps should be looked at by a doctor.