Can a girl become pregnant if I have pearly penile papules?

Last updated on August 11, 2020



I would like to know: can a girl become pregnant if I have pearly penile papules and will the child be healthy?


I hope by “a girl” you mean your future wife. Having sex outside of marriage is a sin.

But in answer to your question, pearly penile papules are a skin disorder. They are not contagious or a sign of a disease. If you have a son, he might be susceptible to the same condition because he will inherit part of his genes from you, but even that will not say that he will also have them.

Since it is a skin disorder, much like having a scar, it certainly will not affect your sperm. Your sperm will still cause your wife to become pregnant and the child’s health will be unaffected by the appearance of your glans’ corona. Click here for more details about pearly penile papules.