I’m a big guy, but I still have man-boobs at nearly 17.

Last updated on August 22, 2020



This is rather embarrassing but I’m rather oversized for my age.  I’m 6’10 and my dad is 6’10.  I’m not skinny but not fat.  I am 16 years old going on 17 in two months.  I have man boobs and I had surgery on them before. The plastic surgeon said I had something like coins behind my nipples or something which was why they were so distinct. But that was before the surgery. I still have man boobs though and they are large. My penis is also only 5 1/2 inches long which as I have looked up is below average. From what I understand average is 6 1/2 and it seems to be that way while around my friends. Given my circumstance, I’m not sure how far I am in the Tanner stages but I’d sure like to know whether I have longer to develop because the issues above are hard for me to bear. I did your quiz and it said I was at 4.2. Do you have any advice on how I can lose the man boobs or keep my penis growing larger? Is there anything I should do right now? People, like the plastic surgeon, say that I will keep losing the fat in my boobs until I’m 18, but I only have about a year left and it seems like they aren’t going down too fast.

Any advice sure would help me. Thanks.


What you are calling “man boobs” is simply fat being stored under the skin of your chest. About half of all boys store extra fat that is used to fuel growth and that fat can be stored on the chest above the pectoral muscles.

I’m surprised that you had surgery because that is typically frowned upon for teenagers. Most doctors won’t consider it until after your growth is completed.

The thing about fat is that you can’t lose it in a targeted way. You can’t work out your legs and lose fat from your legs. The body pulls on its fat reserves fairly equally.

The reason the doctor said 18 is because that is the average time that most males finish their external growth. If you are at 4.2 right now, you probably have eighteen months to two years left on your growing. Most of it will be in lengthening your spine, widening your shoulders, and building muscle. For boys, each stage takes roughly two years to three years to complete. That growth will continue to consume your reserve fat and your chest will continue to decrease.

But even after your growth stops, you can lose body fat. It just isn’t as easy since you won’t be burning extra energy in growing.

You didn’t give me much hints as to how much fat you’re carrying on your body. The ideal measurement would be a body fat ratio, which most fitness clubs can do for you (or your doctor). A second best number would be your weight. If weight is a problem, this isn’t a good time to go on a severe diet — not while you are still developing. But what you can do is start altering your selection of foods. Get rid of junk foods, things high in sugars and fats, and replace them with a good variety of healthy items. Another thing is to start practicing portion control. When you are growing, it seems you can eat anything and it just disappears. Now that your growth is beginning to slow down, watch what you eat.

Learn what is considered a typical serving side for any item you eat and then limit yourself to no more than two servings of an item per day. If you are still hungry find something else to eat that is nutritious

Sliming down will also make your penis to appear to be larger. Five and half inches is not an unusual size. The average is 5.2 inches, but that is the average [http://www.bjuinternational.com/bjui-blog/normal-review-analyzes-data-flaccid-erect-penis-lengths-men/]. People are bigger and smaller than the average. You just happen to be one of those guys who are averaging out the guy with seven and half inch penis. Someone’s got to do it and it might as well be the big, tough guy. But since you are so big in body, even an average sized penis would look small on you because we humans tend to gage size by comparison to the surroundings. So a five and half inch penis on a guy who is 5’2″ will look a lot bigger than the same size penis on a guy who is 6’2″.

But size doesn’t matter when it comes to sex. Actually, your wife will find yours more comfortable than a guy with a huge penis and she’ll enjoy sex with you more. The only thing you’ll have to be concerned about is not crushing your wife because of your body size, but that is sexual techniques that can be learned later when you are closer to getting married.