I ejaculated once, but after that, it seems to have stopped

Last updated on August 22, 2020


I ejaculated once but after that time it seems to have stopped. Instead, I get a few drops of semen on some nights. Is this normal?


When a boy first starts producing semen, the hormone levels are not stable and the various parts needed to both produce semen and to cause an ejaculation do not necessarily operate in a steady fashion. You did not mention how long it has been since your ejaculation, but once a somewhat steady rate is established the average male has a nocturnal emission (wet dream) once or twice a month. See “How many times a week is having a wet dream unusual?” for a more detailed discussion.

I suspect that the drops at the end of your penis that you are seeing at night are not semen, but pre-ejaculate fluid (also called pre-cum in slang). This fluid is clear and slick feeling as compared to semen which is milky white or slightly yellowish in color and sticky. The pre-ejaculate is produced by your Cowper’s glands to clear out the tube in your penis in preparation for ejaculation. It also provides a small amount of lubrication for the end of the penis. Whenever you get aroused, the Cowper’s glands start producing the pre-ejaculate, even if you are not ready or able to have an actual ejaculation.